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Millsy + Paris

Just before I go do a little English Ext study & watch The Late Show I thought I'd post an image I put together up here. I'm sure y'all have heard the contraversy over Millsy hookin' up with Paris Hilton & i'm sure y'all have your own opinions on the matter.

I say good for him, he can do whatever he pleases. I don't think it was just a publicity thing either. Sure that could be one aspect of it.. but I can stretch my imagine far enough as to believe he may have genuinley have been attracted to her *gasp* ... I don't really see what the big deal about the whole things is anyways. I adore both Millsy & Paris, I think their both gorgeous & if they wanna hook up then good for them. Meh - just my opinion, i'm not tryin to stir shit .... if you want some pix of Millsy/Paris & Millsy/Lisa then click the cut :D

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