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Millsy + Paris

Just before I go do a little English Ext study & watch The Late Show I thought I'd post an image I put together up here. I'm sure y'all have heard the contraversy over Millsy hookin' up with Paris Hilton & i'm sure y'all have your own opinions on the matter.

I say good for him, he can do whatever he pleases. I don't think it was just a publicity thing either. Sure that could be one aspect of it.. but I can stretch my imagine far enough as to believe he may have genuinley have been attracted to her *gasp* ... I don't really see what the big deal about the whole things is anyways. I adore both Millsy & Paris, I think their both gorgeous & if they wanna hook up then good for them. Meh - just my opinion, i'm not tryin to stir shit .... if you want some pix of Millsy/Paris & Millsy/Lisa then click the cut :D

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okay, first of.. i love queer eye.. so ur icon rox :P

second.. the whole thing i don't like about the millsyu paris thing is.. he made it clear on teevee that LISA was his 'special girl' .. he went to the races with her.. then disses her.. and trollops off with paris..

very disrespectful..

millsy was my number one choice for IDOL.. but all these things keep happening that are opening up my eyes.. Millsy is turning out to be a guy i never thought he could be.. :/
Apparently, the reason that Millsy was not with "special girl" Lisa, was because she caused a stir at the races on the Sunday or something, when they had to line up for a taxi she chucked a tantrum saying "Don't you know who he is", anywayz, they both went their separate ways from there because of obvious reasons. I wouldn't blame Millsy.
true that. i wouldnt blame millsy either. plus, paris is hottt ;)
True, but she seems a bit stuck up. Oh well, it was over in less than a week and she flew back over to the USA and got with another one of her hundreds of guys anyway.